Interior Building Materials

Bath Rooms 

  • Essentially correct Uniform Floor Slope towards Water Outlet.
  • Foreign made Sanitary Wares in all Bathroom except servant’s toilet (Cotto or RAK or equivalent).
  • Full height wall Glazed tiles in all bathrooms (RAK / C B C or Equivalent) except servant’s toilet.
  • Matching floor tiles in Bathrooms (RAK / C B C or Equivalent)
  • All Mirrors in Bathrooms with overhead Lamps.
  • Good Quality Chrome plated Fittings (Nazma/Gloria/ Equivalent).
  • All Chrome plated Fittings carry Manufacture’s Warranty.
  • Porcelain soap cases and Towel Rails.
  • Cabinet Basin with marble top in Master Bath.
  • One Bathtub in Master Bathroom (Ariston or Equivalent).
  • Titles on Floor and Wall up to 7 feet in Maid’s bath with Long pan, shower and Lowdown.
  • Provision for exhaust fan in all bathrooms.
  • Concealed Hot and Cold water lines in Master Bath, 2nd Bath & 3rd bath.


 Floors & Verandah 

  • Mirror polish Homogeneous Tiles in Floors (RAK or C B C or Equivalent, Size 16x16).
  • Tiles in Stair, Lobby & Verandah (C B C / Akij / RAK or Equivalent, size 16x16).


  • Outside walls are plastered 00-10 standard brickwork (1st class).
  • All interior walls are also plastered 5 brickwork (1st class).
  • Walls separating apartments are 00-10 brickwork (1st class)
  • Smooth Finish Walls.
  • Walls below ground are water proof RCC.
  • Painting & Polishing
  • Plastic paint in all internal walls and ceilings in soft colors (Berger or Equivalent).
  • French polished Doorframes & shutters.
  • Exterior wall will be Weather coat paint (Berger or Equivalent).




  • MK (Singapore) or Equivalent electrical Switches, plug points and other Fittings.
  • Fancy Light Fixtures in all Rooms.
  • Three emergency lights and three Fans in each Apartment.
  • Independent electric meter in each apartment.
  • Electrical distribution box with main switch circuit breakers.
  • Concealed electrical wring (BRB/PARADISE or Equivalent).
  • All power outlets with ear-thing connection.
  • Provision for air conditioner in master bed, 2nd bed and living area.
  • Emergency power in lifts, lobby, inter COM service, common spaces like car parking, reception area, security room and main gate.
  • Concealed fan hook.


Main Door:


  • Solid teak (Chittagong) decorative Main Entrance Door with lucrative chains, spy holes, calling bell switch, solid brass doorknocker, apartments no. In brass plate, doors handle with security Lock)

Door frame:


  • Main door frames (00-10) are made of Chittagong Teak.

Internal Door:


  • Internal doors are made of strong and durable Flush door with polish & good quality Mortis Lock
  • All internal doorframes are of Chapalish/ Tick Shamble/ Shilkarai. (Covered
  • Bathroom Doors:
  • Waterproof laminated door.



  • Sliding Windows as per Architectural Design of the Building
  • 5 mm thickness glass with mohair lining
  • Rain water barrier in 4 Aluminum sections
  • Safety grills in all windows
  • Fly proof net in all windows




  • Impressively designed platform with Marble / Granite top.
  • Provision for double burner gas out let.
  • Space provision for gas oven, washing machine & refrigerator.
  • Partly tiles in the kitchen wall (Matching Glazed tiles)
  • Suitably placed exhaust fan.
  • One stainless steel sinks with mixture for washing purpose.
  • Concealed water line for hot and cold water.
  • Gas burners are surrounded by wall tiles up to 5 feet.
  • Floor covered with homogeneous tiles (RAK/CBC or Equivalent).


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